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Lead & Follow Misconception

In the ballroom dancing we have lead and follow. Simple concept actually. Someone leads someone follows. Very basic but somehow this simple concept has become misconstrued especially in the social dancing world. Women or followers think that the men or leaders should lead EVERY STEP in dancing. I am here to tell you that is not correct. Lead and follow done correctly is like watching birds fly in a formation. It takes time, coordination, and most importantly active participants. Ladies or followers that means you. Following is 50% of the equation. I know dancing around the floor with a man or leader and losing yourself in the dance and music is euphoric but true connection with active following is beyond that. What do I mean active following? I mean being present while dancing. Presently listen to the leader telling you where to go. Being aware of moving your own body. Being responsible for your own steps. Ladies every wonder why some women get asked to dance more than you? They are most likely being active followers. Men or leaders don't want to work that hard so help them out and be an active follower.

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